Sunday, 20 March 2011

Old Boys Bmx Reunion 2

19th March 2011
Dev & Jack on halfpipe at Old Boyz 2
Twas the night of the SUPERMOON!!! Ooooh!!!
Would of got more footage but had to leave early :(
(Best viewed in fullscreen 720p hd)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Love is . . . .


So here's me. . .

Touchy v1

I made this couple of weeks ago, uploaded it on the Wednesday and got an email from Mark Ryan at Amazing Radio on the Thursday saying he's gonna play it on his show Friday night. Think it's the 6th one he's played now. It's just such a rush hearing my tracks on the radio :)

Touchy by Digital Satanism:

Click HERE to listen if on iDevice


Railslide in a car yayyyy!!! Lol!!

Just testing still :s

iPoood Test 2

Hmmm, disappearing photoz. . .

iPod Test Post

A quick test to see how the fuck this works :)
Chicago Town pizzas for breakfast. YUM!!!

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