Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dj / Music Equipment

This is a quick post of the Djing and music making hardware i've had over the years. It's more so i can look at it now and then and have happy flashbacks. Few things missing coz i can't find pics :)

So it all started seriously with the humble Atari 520st.

Then i brought this AMAZING little box to plug in it to record sounds. My very first sampler (this was mono by the way)

Then i got this and OMG it was STEREO!!! Wow!! What an inervation!!! My life was changed for now i could pan LEFT AND RIGHT!!!! And the effects were cool aswell.

This was the logo, i still love it.

Next, my first mixer, LOL!!! Purchased from Tandy, sod it, it did the job at the time. I got a couple of Tandy/Realictic decks (WITH PITCH CONTROL!!!) aswell to go with it.

The tandy decks weren't all that so i by chance got hold of a pair of these. Technics SL-BD22's

After a while of happily playing around i got pissed off and frustrated sooooooo i got this MRT60 mixer and and and wait for it!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!!!!!

A PAIR OF TECHNICS SL1210'S!!!! I was soooo fucking happy!!! At the time i got them for 500 quid with flight cases, slipmats and Stanton 500al carts. They were only 3 weeks old and the geezer had to sell them!!! GOD BLESS YOU "THANET DISCOS" Thanet Discos was a cool shop and the bloke that run it, Mike, was down to earth, helpful and fair. He was one of lifes decent blokes. Big up Mike! :D

Stanton 500AL carts. I swore by them till 2010!!!

Then the MRT60 fader started wearing and as luck would have it a fellow dj mate was selling this mixer for 25 quid. He told me the make and model (Realistic SSM-2100) and i was thinking yeah screw it, my faders now knackered it's gotta be better than this, it'll do for a while. He bought it round and screw me it was MINT condition. Absolutely perfect! Niceeeeee!

That little set up was fine for a few years but then due to not paying fines/loans and FUCKING POLL TAX!!! (and spending too much on dope and sid etc lol) I had to sell my beloved Technics. . . . It was a sad day :(
I still remember the horrible feeling of emptiness when the bloke left with them and i looked at the big empty space on the desk where they were. But i got 500 for them without flight cases so i turned i profit really.

Not mixing was doing my head in, i couldn't afford another pair of 1210's so i setled for these. Pro 150s. To be honest, if your just beat mixing they're fine but i did miss turntablism ALOT!

Once again faders started dieing so i got hold of this to make do. BLARRRGGGHHHHH I HATED IT!!!! :(

So i got this Gemini PMX1600. It was ok, i wanted the PS626 but once again couldn't afford it at the time. I've still got this and the Realistic SSM-2100 sitting under the stairs, in working order after 20 years!!!

This was one of my favorite bits of hardware coz it opened new doors. The Vestax MR200 multitrack recorder! I fucking loved it! A couple of metalists at work started a band and brought it but couldn't get on with it so i brought it of them for 60 quid. Sadly a good few years later, it was playing, a tape jammed and smoke yes SMOKE started coming out of it! Fuck knows what happend but i've never had a tape deck smolder due to a tape jam???? It was like something from a comedy show!!! One thing I really liked on it was the speed mode selector. You could put it on high to get better quality, normal for well, normal or low to get 3 hours on a normal C-90 tape which for me was handy coz I used to record a lot of radio shows of Kiss.

I also got this of them for a fiver! I still don't know why!!! ROTFFL!!!

Next cool purchase was this little beauty, the Yamaha SU-10. It was great, the same size as a VHS video cassette. I used to load it up with samples and just have a quick mix on the bus or where ever. One of my favourite memories is sitting on Margate beach at like 6 in the morning still tripping balls, smoking a blunt and mixing on it with the sun coming up. Happy days :D

I saw this in Cash Generator for seven quid so brought it. Used it a few times. BUT the cool thing is that i just got told they are now on E-Bay going for £200 - £300!!! And it's right here still in the same condition as when i got it. (it won't be for much longer, bye bye, if you was an "amen machine" i'd keep you he he)

Another 2nd hand pair of decks. 50 quid. Sturdier than the Pro 150's and more torque, never heard of Squale before but they where alright.

Got made redundant and saw this in Cash Generator window. Thought it would be nice to have 2 samplers so got it. Didn't realise for 2 months that it already had a nice big memory expansion card in it! DOH!!! Pmsl :)

Didn't get any more equipment for a few years, then started getting back into the DJ thing. This had just come out. Numark Total Control. Now i know people say "that's not real Djing, meh meh meh" well all i can say to them is, kiss my arse, i don't fucking care after 20 odd years!!!! I do this for me not other people, which is a bit of a bad statement for a dj really init, lol!


Scored a Behringer DJX700 for 50 quid, just needed a clean. Sorted. A lot of people slate Behringer products but for me it seems fine, it's for home use only, i guess it might be a different story if it was going through a "proper" sound system. But hey ho.

Maya44 usb soundcard for me Virtual Vinyl. Works lovely and price was good.

Otofon Concorde Pros!!! I lurrrrrve them, i want to marrrrry them! Lol! 50 quid the pair with 2 brand new spare stylus, sorted!

This isn't really hardware but Rane Serato Timecode Vinyl! Life changer!

It's just a nice pic :)

And here's my set up as it stands at Xmas 2010. I is once again a happy bunny! :P

I'll probably add more detail and products as i (a)get photos (b)remember