Monday, 12 March 2012

Richborough Power Station Demolition

Sunday March 11th 2012:

So after years and years of being part of the Thanet skyline, Richborough Power Station chimneys got blown up. As i like things blowing up we went to see it. The intention was to get a lot closer but after 6 bottles of wine and a late night / morning that just didn't happen. We staggered outside at 8:50am, parked our bums in a field, got stung by stingy nettles and had a morning fag waiting for them to go KABOOOOM!!! And they did, very loudly. It was a great day for it, so we celebrated with more wine and sleep. Let's hope more things get blown up soon.
Lots of thanks and love to me little pikey mate for an excellent weekend. It was great :D

This video is from me matey Wevsky as he's a photographer, check his blog for Urbex & Photography stuff :)